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Our Mission:

The Planning Department’s mission is to promote and protect the health, safety, comfort, convenience, prosperity and general welfare of the citizens of Lubbock by assuring quality development, to allow for proper economic growth which conforms to a comprehensive plan of the city.  It is the Planning Department’s intent to do the aforementioned by:

  • Promoting the stability of existing land uses that conform with a comprehensive plan and to protect them from inharmonious influences and harmful intrusions.
  • Promoting a harmonious, convenient, workable relationship among land uses.
  • Encouraging quality development through effective planning which utilizes modern innovations of urban design.
  • Promoting and protecting the aesthetic quality of the city, by conserving and enhancing the taxable values of land and buildings throughout the city.
  • Protecting and enhancing areas of scenic, historic or cultural importance.
  • Providing adequate light and air.
  • Encouraging proper population densities and preventing the overcrowding of structures.
  • Providing adequate protection for community investments in water, sewerage, streets, schools, parks and other community facilities.
  • Promoting a safe, effective traffic circulation system.
  • Providing safety from fire and other dangers

Plan Lubbock 2040
Interim Future Land Use Plan
2017-0016 Future Land Use Plan
Comprehensive Plan Comments
City of Lubbock Code of Ordinances
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